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“Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold.” – Elon Musk

Morning stock market summary

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The S&P 500 will look to extend its current winning streak to seven days as markets approach the kickoff to earnings season later this week. Lower yields have provided a tailwind for stocks as the 10-year yield falls three basis points to 4.27%, Crude oil is also lower which doesn’t hurt.  Powell will head to the House today for his second day of testimony, but the message will be the same as yesterday.

China released June PPI and CPI data, and as we highlight in today’s Morning Lineup, the country is exporting disinflation worldwide. In Europe, it’s been a quiet best betfair slotsmorning for data, but stocks are higher with the STOXX 600 up 0.6% and every major benchmark in the region up at least 0.5%.

Less than three months ago, shares of Tesla (TSLA) were down over 44% for the year and trading below $140 per share as sentiment towards the company and EVs in general took a major shift. In the 53 trading days since then, the stock has rallied 89%, yet they’re only up 5.5% YTD. In 2017, Elon Musk promised to build a roller coaster inside the company’s factory to shuttle employees from place to place.  Musk may not have delivered on an actual roller coaster, but he’s given his shareholders one.

betfair online betting appTSLA hasn’t had a down day yet in July, and you have to go back to June 24th for the last day the stock traded lower. That ten-day winning streak now ranks as tied for the third longest in the stock’s history, trailing only a 13-day streak that ended on June 13th last year and an 11-day streak that ended on January 8th of 2021. In those three prior streaks that lasted at least ten days, shares of TSLA were higher a month later all three times for a median gain of 7.9%, and three months later, the stock was higher two out of three times with returns of +99.1% (April 2020), -17.0% (Jan 2021), and 5.8% (June 2023).

This morning, shares best betfair slotsare higher in the pre-market, and we think if there’s any stock that should take its streak “to eleven“, TSLA would be the most fitting.  A seven-day streak for the S&P 500 and an eleven-day streak for TSLA? Why do we suddenly have an urge for a Slurpee?

Over that span of ten trading days, shares of TSLA have rallied more than 43% which also ranks as one of the largest 10-day gains in the stock’s history. Over that time, the stock has added more than $250 billion to its market cap, and surprisingly that doesn’t even rank at the top of the list. Back in late 2021 and early 2022, there were betfair online betting appthree different periods where the stock experienced larger increases in market cap over ten days.

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